The CMJC’s participation in the mobilizations in Rome (March 23, 24 & 25)

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The CMJC’s participation in the mobilizations in Rome (March 23, 24 & 25)

On March 23, 24 and 25, as celebrating the Treaty of Rome’s anniversary, the very city hosted several events, meetings and actions with activists from all over Europe and top leaders of the left wing such as MEPs and Alexis Tsipras. These moments have been organized by different organizations and coalitions and tackled various topics: social rights, women, education, migration, agriculture, climate and energy, peace and conflicts, active citizenship and so on.

The Italian left movements created a very large and diverse movement (organizations from the civil society, associations, trade-unions, social centers, social movements and foundations) dedicated to changing Europe. The La Nostra Europa coalition – of which ARCI, founding member of the World Social Forum, has been an active participant – aims to create links between movements that work on specific issues (peasants, against free-trade, migrations…). Though the context now – of heavy-headed security atmosphere in Europe, risk to leave Europe to neoliberalist politicians, austerity, closing of the European borders, growth of groups which supports the destruction of Europe and the reinstatement of national borders – is pretty harsh and does not allow a great mobilization, the need was felt to make such events come to reality and organize the demonstration on March, 25.

As Moroccan Coalition for Climate Justice (CMJC), we had subscribed to several commitments in the framework of our convention with the CRID (Centre de Recherche et d’Information pour le Développement, France) about our actions in the Mediterranean. Here are some of them: organizing a Mediterranean assembly on the sidelines of the COP22, publishing a report of the activities and holding monitoring meetings. Those events in Rome gave us a great opportunity to organize the latter with the smaller group of partners who initiated this process but also to identify and enlarge such a base and to contribute to the European mobilizations with our own vision from the Global – and Mediterranean – South on common issues (migrations, free trade agreements, relocation/externalization of polluting industries). It was also an occasion to inform our partners of the work of the Coalition and its prospects.

Thanks to the financial and political support from the CRID, 10 people were able to attend the activities on the sidelines of the European summit in Rome for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome within the Maghreb coalition. We were 5 partisans of the CMJC (among them were also representatives of the Maghreb Social Forum and the Euromed Moroccan Network of NGOs), 2 members of the operational team of the CMJC, a French partner (Echanges&Partenariats), a Tunisian partner (FTDES) and an Algerian one (activist against fracking and shale gas). This delegation has been composed according to several criteria: holding a Schengen visa, being representative of our strategic partnerships in the Maghreb and the Mediterranean region as it had allowed this process to emerge and become a success inside the Autonomous Space during COP22 and gender parity.

We took part in the activities that were organized by the La Nostra Europa coalition on March 23 and March 24 at the La Sapienza University of Rome, such as: the Women Assembly, forums on migrations, the European construction or the levers for climate justice in the European institutions. We also organized several meetings with our partners and we participated in the march which was organized on Saturday 25 March by La Nostra Europa for the defense and the construction of a social, united, democratic, solidarity and open Europe. We had members in the very head of the demonstration but also in the different parts of the following procession. As a conclusion, we used these three days of meetings, actions and demonstrations as a crucial time for reinforcing our existing partnerships and initiating new ones for our coming activities.

You can find some pictures of the participation of the CMJC team here:

In solidarity,

The operational team of the CMJC


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