Numerous Moroccan organizations, associations, unions, civil society networks and social movements met on February 7th, 2016 in Rabat within the framework of a national consultation in light of the United Nations conference on climate change from 8 to 17 November 2016 in Marrakech (COP22).

The Coalition is fully engaged in the extension, reinforcement and convergence of actions undertaken for decades by Moroccan and international associations in protecting water resources, biodiversity, and the environment; preventing desertification; and promoting an equitable management of natural resources.

The Coalition aims to be an extension of the international civil society momentum, respecting the diverse approaches and strategies undertaken in the interest of environmental protection. We thus express our will to act in consultation and harmony with every movement struggling to achieve sustainable development through a human rights approach in order to contribute to the creation of a balance of power, proposals encouraging universal action, and the sustainable transformation of public policies.

In this regard, the Coalition is and will remain open to any new accession, subject to the diversity of all actors, their strategies, modes of action, thematic approaches and organizational autonomy. Moreover, it will make all necessary efforts to ensure a new world – a necessary, possible, and urgent goal –, on a national level and in close interaction with worldwide civil society before, during, and after COP22.